Phantom Series Cockpits

The Phantom Series

The Phantom Series racing sim cockpits are just as strong as they look. Built from industrial 15 series aluminum profiles, we took the standard sim cockpits and elevated every detail to maximize strength and increase adjustability.

The Powder Coated Difference

Durable. Resistant. Beautiful.

Powder Coat is optional for the Phantom SE and Included with the Phantom Edition

Phantom SE

Phantom Edition

Way more than a starter frame, the Phantom SE
blows by any competitor in its class.

Every detail in the frame was engineered with a purpose;
Everything a sim racer would want from their rig.
And then we added to it.

starting from $559 USD

Starting From $919 USD

1.5 x 3 inch framing (38 x 76mm)

1.5 x 6 inch framing (38 x 152mm)

SE pedal assembly

Pedal Plate 360

sturdy & adjustable wheel mounting

sturdy & adjustable wheel mounting

1270mm (L) x 660mm (W) x 736mm (H)

1320mm (L)x 660mm (W) x 810mm (H)

50in (L) x 26in (W) x 29 (H)

52in (L)x 26in (W) x 32in (H)

Engineered for Easy

We engineer products that reflect the All in 1 Gaming philosophy. From detailed descriptions and choices all thought-out our website to packing in easy to assemble steps.
Our focus is putting the entire client experience first.

          step by step


organized packaging

most tools

Staff support to
help guide you.

Your Pit Crew

Find us using any platform that works for you. Whether you have product questions, assembly questions or even if you wish to customize your own solution, our team is ready is online and happy to help.


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