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Welcome to the Pro Series

The Pro Series racing simulator cockpits are the strongest frames on the market.  Constructed from beastly 45 series commercial grade aluminum profiles, these racing sim cockpits are as strong as they are beautiful.

A proud partner of Vention commercial grade aluminum extruded profiles.

We don't hide where we get our profiles from, in fact, we boast about it!

At the core of the Vention profile system is the new double-arm feature. This design feature allows for redistribution of material from the profile’s center towards the outside. There, it has the greatest impact on strength and stiffness, while reducing the material overall.

Simply the best aluminum extruded profiles in the world.

We call it Pro for a reason.

Constructed from world renowned technology and best in class framing, your racing sim cockpit will be built with the same framing used by companies such as Google, Boeing and Universal Robotics.

The Gold Standard of Frame Connectors

Bragging Rights

Some companies like to brag about their high quality 40 series brackets weighing more than 30 grams. Well, it's probably worth noting that each Pro connector bracket weighs 188 grams each.

It's a good thing for them that we dont like to brag.

Smart Brackets

Alpha Brackets

Easy Installation 

The Pro Series brackets have been engineered with self-positioning “V-shape” locators, enabling precision assembly and increased joint strength

There is a noticeable and profound difference between 40 series brackets the ones that are used in the Pro Series.

Designed with concentric center holes rather than slots, the Pro Series brackets line up perfectly making assembly easy and foolproof.

Intelligent Framing

Pro Series profile design features a bottom guide rail for the spring ball along with guiding edges that run the length of the extrusion. These fences force the t-nut into the correct position, so t-nuts will not turn when a connector is bolted to them.

See Our Pro Series Feature


Pro SE

The scaled down version of the Pro Editon outclasses any competitor's standard editions.

Pro Edition

We didn't stop working until we were able to call the Pro-Edition the strongest frame ever.


Specifically engineered for rigs with motion actuators systems. There is nothing like the Pro-Motion.




Pedal Plate 360
Padal Plate 360
Padal Plate 360

Included- Core Base Plate & Sim Feet

included - Pro Base Plate & Sim Feet

option - Core Base Plate & Sim Feet


514m (L) x 26.6in (W) x 28.3 (H)

1305mm (L) x 675mm (W) x 720mm (H)


60in (L)x 26.6in (W) x 32.3in (H)

1525mm (L)x 675mm (W) x 820mm (H) 


54.9in (L) x 26.6(W) x 28.3in (H) 

1395mm (L) x 675mm (W) x 720mm (H)