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Industrial Caster Wheel Set for Pro Series Frames (4-pack)

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Industrial Castor Wheel Set for Pro Edition and Pro Motion Frames (4-pack)  

Add industrial strength wheels to your Pro cockpit with these 4 castor wheels and baseplates attachments.

Each baseplate attaches to the bottom of your cockpit with 4 M8 bolts each. 

Then easily bolt in the wheels using the included M8 bolts into threaded holes in the 11mm thick Premium Caster Wheel Mounting Plate.

Each castor holds a weight of 500lbs and each wheel can be recessed upwards so that your rig can remain flat and steady on the rubber base. 

Simply turn the wheel dial clockwise to bring the wheels down into place when you want to move your rig. 

Each wheel turns 360 degrees indendent of the others.