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AnyMount - Phantom Series

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Compatible with Phantom Series cockpits only.  

Designed to mount almost any type of addition to your Phantom cockpit.

If your device has 4 mounting holes underneath or on the side, then this very sturdy mount is your mounting best friend. If have a flight throttle or stick and want a universal mount that can be pushed back when not in use?  Then this is the go to solution. 


1 x 14in (360mm) 1.5x3 inch profile

1 x 12.4in (315mm) 1.5 x1.5 inch profile

2 x 10.6in (270mm) 1.5 x 1.5 inch profiles

12 x black powder-coated corner brackets (8 for securing the mount, 4 to use to mount your device)

All necessary nuts and bolts needed for assembly.

4 extra mounting bolts and washers of your choice.  Add a note to your order telling us the bolt size and length and we will include it with the shipment. (Add 10mm for the width of the bracket and the washer).