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These full kit racing simulators included everything that you need to start racing today. Enjoy the peace of mind that every accessory and component is included.

Everything You Need is Included

Our Ready-To-Race kits are are full racing simulators with everything you need to start sim racing.

Wheel & Pedal Set

From beginner to pro, we have solutions for all racers.

Racing SIm Cockpit

Our Pro Series Cockpits are as awesome looking as they are strong.

Racing Seat

If you want to sit for hours while racing, we have you covered,


From a 31.5in curved monitor to a 49in widescreen.  Or, upgrade to an immersive triple set up.

Option to add a Gaming PC

Our gaming PCs are built only with the best brand names components.  

Everything In Between

From a wireless keybooard and mouse with on a rotating arm to all the cables necessary to complete the experience.