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Triple Deluxe Side Shifter Mount - Pro Series Vention Brackets

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Designed for 27 inch monitors.

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Triple Deluxe Side Mount

You asked, we listened. How do i mount both a shifter and a handbrake to my rig?

Here is it, the Triple Deluxe Side Mount. The middle profile is longer than the front and back ones, allowing the driver to attach the shifter on the back and center profile and their handbrake on the middle and front.

So simple, how come we were the first ones to comes up with this?

Options Galore.

Most shifters and handbrake mount with a bolt going downwards into a nut. We supply the solution, the T-Nuts and even the bolts. Easy. All in 1.

Mega Mounting Points.

We believe mounting points. The more mounting points have the more you can pound H or or sequential. Or jam on the brakes will and burn the rubber. We mount the bottom of the side mount with 2 brackets, 1 on the inside, 2 to attach the side profile to the upright and 2 in front to attach it to the rig.


Assembled Height: 16 inches (405mm)

Assembled Width: 24.5 inches (540 mm)

Assembled Depth: 3 inches (75 mm)

Finish: Black Powder Coated

Manufacturer: All in 1 Gaming

Warranty: Lifetime

Box Contents:

Black powder coated aluminum profiles

Corner brackets, M8 Grade 12.9 Bolts , M8 T-Nuts required for assembly 

Mount My Gear; tell us what you will be attaching, we provide the specific hardware needed ot attach it.


Any aluminum extruded profile based rig of at least 1.5 inches (40mm)

Download Assembly Instructions