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Pro-Motion XL

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*seat & motion actuators sold separately

Built to rock, roll, shake and rumble.

Motion systems add stress to a rig.

The Pro-Motion was designed to decrease the stress and increase the simulation.

A Perfect


By adding the Wheel Uprights on top of the frame, your motion actuators are free to be aligned with the driver smack right in the sweet spot to acheive the most realistic racing experience possible.

The Pro-Motion has been engineered to dismiss the stress and leave the drivers with the most realistic driving experience possible.

Engine Vibration

The engine vibration is a high frequency haptics layer that requires a properly constructed chassis to translate and resonates the vibrations effectively.

All in 1 Gaming uses the highest quality aluminum extrusions and connections to ensure that all vibrations are properly translated to the driver.

Sway / Turning Roll

Roll and sway are both responsive motion layers that highlight the driver’s steering input. Proper chassis width and actuator placement is required to achieve the best roll and sway movements.

The Pro-Motion chassis features extensive reinforcement and component selection to ensure optimal communications of this motion layer.


Surge is very responsive and highlights the driver’s pedal inputs. Surge also induces pitch naturally, and this layer replicates the responsiveness of surge by converting to responsive pitch movements.

The Pro-Motion chassis is designed to take repetitive jerky pitch motions to replicate exact brake engagement.


The heave motion layer captures the low-frequency up-and-down movement of the vehicle. The layer is very important in determining how much load the vehicle has and how much potential traction the drive can expect.

The Pro-Motion chassis is designed to repeated handle, momentary up and down stress loads on the chassis, and communicates directly to the driver.

No Flex. Stunning Color. Patented Design.

A proud partner of Vention Commercial Grade Aluminum Profiles.

Vention’s high-precision aluminum extrusion profiles rank best-in-class in terms of structural rigidity, straightness, and precision.


Vention Corner Brackets

Engineered with self-positioning “V-shape” locators, enabling precision assembly that cannot typically be done with conventional extrusion system. Each locator connection node can carry up to 25% more payload because of it's V-shaped grooves.

360 degrees of options

Pedal Plate 360

Install using the center pivot point to rotate the pedals or free mount any way you choose. With a minimum of 2 bolts attached, your pedals will be rock solid.

Wheel Base Mounting Options

Wheel Deck

compatible with

✅ Fanatec Clubsport, CSL Elite
✅ Logitech G25,G27, G29, G920, G923
✅ Fanatec DD1, DD2,CSL-DD, GT-Pro
✅ Accuforce V1, V2
✅ Thrustmaster TX,T300, T500, T-GT, TS-P, TS-XW
✅ SimMagic M10
✅ Moza R5,R9,R16,R21

includes: Wheel Deck Mount plate 9.5mm (3/8 inch) -- 2 x 9.5mm adjustable side wheel mounts -- Made in Canada with Aluminum 6061 -- Powder coated in black

Front Mount

compatible with:

✅ All Simucube
✅ Fanatec Clubsport, CSL Elite
✅ MiGe 130st
✅ SimMagic M10, Alpha, Mini, Ultimate
✅ Bondar
✅ VRS Direct Force Pro
✅ Lenze MCS12

includes: Front Wheel Mount plate (1/2 inch) -- 2 x 9.5mm adjustable side wheel mounts -- Made in Canada with Aluminum 6061 -- Powder coated in black

Fanatec Mount

compatible with:

✅ Fanatec Podium DD1

✅ Fanatec Podium DD2

✅ Fanatec CSL DD

✅ Fanatec GT DD Pro

includes: 2 x 9.5mm adjustable side wheel mounts -- Made in Canada with Aluminum 6061 -- Powder coated in black -- Choice between both CSL DD and Podium

Side Mounting Options

Side Mount

-Can be raised or lowered

-Can be used on left or right side

add Shifter Plate

Includes:Shifter Mount Plate; Compatible with: Logitech, Thrustmaster, Fanatec

add Fanatec Kit

Includes:4 x corner brackets perfectly matching the underside hole locations

Add Deluxe Kit

Includes:2 x 180mm (7in) crossbars secured by 4 corner brackets on the 45x90 long profile

Pro-Motion Specifications


Pro-Motion Frame

  • 1395mm 90x90mm Profile x 2
  • 585mm 90x90 Profile x 2
  • 585mm 45x90 Profile x 3
  • 495mm 45x45 Profile x 2
  • 90x90mm Corner Brackets x 8
  • 45x45mm Corner Brackets x 12
  • M8 Steel Bolts (class 12.9)
  • M8 Spring Loaded Drop in T-Nuts

Pedal Plate 360

  • Pedal Plate 360 x 2
  • Pedal Spreader Aluminum Profile x 2
  • M8 Steel Bolts (class 12.9)
  • M8 Spring Loaded Drop in T-Nuts

Choice of Wheel Mount

  • Wheel Deck, Front Mount (+$) Or Fanatec Mount
  • 2 x 9.5mm Side Wheel Mount Adjustable Connector Plates
  • M8 Steel Bolts (class 12.9)
  • M8 Spring Loaded Drop in T-Nuts

Premium Packaging

  • All parts identified and separated by assembly.
  • Welcome package with detailed step by step instructions.
  • Full set-up support throughout the assembly process.
  • "Connect Your Gear" . All bolts and Nuts to attach your wheel, pedals, shifter, seat, etc

Essentials Kit

  • Extra T-Nuts x 10
  • Extra M8 Bolts x 10
  • Velcro Tie Wraps x 10
  • 5mm Allen Key
  • 6mm Allen Key
  • Mount My Gear Kit


Base Plates & Sim Feet

  • 4 x 3 hole 9.5mm thick baseplates
  • 4 x 120mm high Levelling feet x 4
  • 80mm Scratch Resistant Rubber Base
  • Flanged Head M12 Steel Nuts
  • M8 Steel Bolts (Class 12.9)
  • M8 Spring Loaded Drop in T-Nuts

Side Shifter Mount

  • 1 x 540mm 45x90 Aluminum Profile
  • 1 x 360mm 45x45 Aluminum Profile
  • 5 x 45x45mm Corner Brackets
  • M8 Steel Bolts (Class 12.9)
  • M8 Spring Loaded Drop in T-Nuts
  • As Ordered ;  Stadard / Shifter Plate / Fanatec Kit / Deluxe Kit

Pro-Motion Dimensions

Length: 1395mm / 55inches

Width: 720mm / 30.1 inches

Height: 776mm / 28.3 inches

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