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Pedal Plate 360 - Full Set

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The iconic pedal assembly from All in 1 Gaming. 

This is a rock-solid way to mount almost any pedal set. Your pedals will be secure with only 2 bolts in each plate (mount up to 7!) 

Use profile channels to mount your pedals into the slot using t-nuts or use brackets to mount upwards into pedal plates (i.e. Thrustmaster, Logitech) 

Compatible with almost any pedal set equal to or less than the width dimensions of your cockpit (deduct .78 inchs total for the 2 side plates) 360 degree rotation.

Choose your mount angle using the center pivot or free style mount to any position that you want. Works best with enough cockpit height to lower the if desired.

Pedal plates are 9.5mm (3/8 inch thick)

Choose your cross-beam profile length by measuring the exact inside width of your cockpit.

We will cut the profiles to the necessary width.

Our Pedal plates fits into most cockpits but feel free to email or live chat for any questions  

 *Customer is responsible for the correct measurements.

*included 15 series, black powder coated profiles. Vention 45 series profiles extra, pls contact us for a quote for 45 series profiles.

Package Contents:

2 x All in 1 Gaming Pedal Plates 

2 x 15 series 1.5x3 inch (38x76mm) black powder coated spreader profiles

14 x M8 T-Nuts

14x M8 20mm bolts

8 x M8 25mm flat head bolts

Dimensions of each pedal plate:

mms: 400 x 225 x 10

inches: 15.8 x 8.9 x 0.39