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DK2+ Motion System - 4 Actuators

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The DK2+ system uses larger motors and actuators and is able to support more weight than the regular DK2. The larger motors offer a more powerful and toque-y feel than the regular DK2, and produce a better quality ride. The DK2+ is recommended for all sim center or similar commercial applications.

The DK2+ motion system is a professional motion system for serious sim-racing enthusiasts, drivers and researchers. The system shares the same design and construction as our industrial-grade motion systems used in our full motion vehicle simulators. Additionally, DK2+ is mechanically and electrically engineered around our unique motion algorithm to provide the most realistic and representative vehicle motion feedback.
DK2+ takes a modern approach to our signal processing and motion control to create the most responsive system on the market. Every elevation change, vehicle movement, surface change and gear shift, is captured and reproduced within 2” (50mm) of the available mechanical stroke.

If you do not have an available network port on your computer. Please feel free to use a USB to Network adapter such as this model available on Amazon.

All motion systems are built to order and ship in 3-5 days from the time of purchase. 



  • mono-block, machined billet actuators with 2” (50 mm) travel
  • powerful, responsive and compact American Teknic servo motors
  • Total weight capacity (for optimal performance), including fully-loaded simulator with driver:
    • 3-actuator system = 600 lb (272 kg)
    • 4-actuator system = 800 lb (363 kg)
  • billet-machined floating feet with large rubber pads
  • aluminum t-slot (80/20) mounting hardware compatible with 25 to 45 series profiles
  • single motion controller box (115v/240V compatible) with power and network cables
  • two sets of 1m and 2m data and power cables from the controller to actuators
  • Sigma’s VelocityTrap™ motion control algorithm & simulation software
  • automatic Over-the-Air controller firmware updates