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APC Clamp Surge Protector PE6U4 with 4 USB Ports and 6 Outlets

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U-shaped for 4 possible configurations--under a monitor, standalone, clipped onto a desk, or hung over a partition; 6 surge-protected outlets defend valuable electronics from dangerous surges, spikes, and lightning;

1,080 Joules of surge protection;

4 USB Type-A ports provide 4.8 amps (shared) of convenient charging power for mobile devices, i

Including tablets; Smart Charging recognizes devices and maximizes charging speed; Protection Working LED proactively indicates when protection circuitry is working properly; Power switch and resettable circuit breaker;

Power handling: 1,800 watts ;

6 ft. power cord with right-angle plug head; Lifetime warranty on the unit ;

$50,000 lifetime connected equipment protection policy and free technical support; Includes user manual; Black;