Pro Edition Frame

The Pro Model

Rigid Beyond Compare.

With a base length constructed from beastly 90x90mm commercial grade aluminum profiles connected to 90x90mm brackets, this cockpit has no flex with even the mightiest of wheelbases.

Every element of the Pro Model was engineered to be the sturdiest frame available.

starting from $959 USD


90mm Brackets

This framing architecture results in the same strength typically found 40x160mm side profile but with a smaller footprint!

Reinforced Framing

Multiple Connectors. 45mm Brackets.  
Your tank awaits.

No Flex starts from the ground up

Patented Design.

No Flex.

Stunning Color.

Vention Profiles.

Vention’s high-precision aluminum extrusion profiles rank best-in-class in terms
of structural rigidity, straightness, and precision.

Corner Brackets Option

Solid. Precise. Robust.

Upgrade to:
Vention Brackets

Vention’s high-precision brackets are designed to be combined with Vention’s extrusions, creating high-performance assemblies. They have been engineered with self-positioning “V-shape” locators, enabling precision assembly that cannot typically be done with conventional extrusion system.

Additionally, each locator connection node can carry up to 25% more payload than brackets without V-shaped grooves.

Base Plate & Sim Feet

Base Plates & Sim Feet

Made from

9.5mm thick

high grade aluminum 6061 for strength and powder coated in black for beauty and resistance.

Joined with

7 mounting holes

that add to frame regidity by attaching the end profiles and side profiles to solidify the entire base frame.


M12 leveling feet

with 120mm rod allowing the rig further adjustability in terms of frame height and levelling capabilities.

Pedal Mounting

Pedal Plate 360

Install using the center pivot point to rotate the pedals or free mount any way you choose. With a minimum of 2 bolts attached, your pedals will be rock solid.

Wheel Mounting

No Flex Wheel Mounts

Fabricated from 100% high grade Aluminum 6061, your wheel will sit flush and solid.

Wheel Deck Mount

Logitech G25, G27, G29, G920, G923
Thrustmaster TX,T300, T500, T-GT,

Fanatec DD1, DD2,CSL-DD, GT-Pro
Fanatec Clubsport (all)
Fanatec CSL Elite
Accuforce V1/V2

Front Wheel Mount

All Simucube 1, 2, Sport, Pro & Ultimate
SimMagic M10, SimMagic Alpha, SimMagic Mini

VRS Direct Force Pro
MiGe 130st
Lenze MCS12
BondarFanatec Clubsport

Fanatec Mount

Fanatec Podium DD1
Fanatec Podium DD2

Fanatec Podium DD1
Fanatec Podium DD2

Side / Shifter Mounting

Side Mount Options

If you don't see an option to mount your gear, please ask. We will make it for you!

Side Mount

585mm (23.3in) long 45X90mm profile
360mm (14.2in) high 45x45mm profile
Can easily be raised or lowered.
Can be mounted on the right or left side.

Shifter Plate Option

Includes Side Mount and adds:

Shifter Mount Plate;
Compatible with: Logitech, Thrustmaster, Fanatec

Fanatec SQ 1.5 Shifter Kit

Includes Side Mount and adds:

4 x corner brackets and mounting hardware.

Deluxe Side Kit Option

Includes Side Mount and adds:

2 x 180mm (7in) crossbars secured by 4 corner brackets on the 45x90 long profile

Pro Package Contents


Pro Frame Assembly

1305mm 90x90mm Aluminum Profile x 2
720mm 45x90 Aluminum Profile x 2
675mm 45x90 Aluminum Profile x 2
405mm 45x45 Aluminum Profile x 1
495mm 45x45 Aluminum Profile x 2
90x90mm Corner Brackets x 2
45x45mm Corner Brackets x 16
M8 Steel Bolts (class 12.9)
M8 Spring Loaded Drop in T-Nuts

BasePlate & Sim Feet

7 hole 9.5mm thick baseplates x 4
120mm high Levelling feet x 4
80mm Scratch Resistant Rubber Base x 4
Flanged Head M12 Steel Nuts x 8
M8 Steel Bolts (Class 12.9)
M8 Spring Loaded Drop in T-Nuts

Pedal Plate 360

Pedal Plate 360 x 2
385mm 45x90 Aluminum Profile
385mm 45x45 Aluminum Profile
M8 Steel Bolts (class 12.9)
M8 Spring Loaded Drop in T-Nuts

Wheel Mount

Choice of Wheel Mount
9.5mm Side Wheel Mount Adjustable Connector Plates x 2
M8 Steel Bolts (class 12.9)
M8 Spring Loaded Drop in T-Nuts

Essentials Kit

Extra T-Nuts x 10
Extra M8 20mm Bolts x 10
Velcro Tie Wraps x 10
5mm Allen Key
6mm Allen Key
Mount My Gear Kit

Premium Packaging & Service

All parts identified and separated by assembly
Welcome package with detailed step by step instructions
Full set-up support throughout the assembly process
"Connect Your Gear" All bolts and Nuts to attach your wheel, pedals, shifter


Option Side/Shifter Mount

585mm 45x90 Aluminum Profile x 1
405mm 45x45 Aluminum Profile x 1
45x45mm Corner Brackets x 5
M8 Steel Bolts (Class 12.9)
M8 Spring Loaded Drop in T-Nuts
As Ordered ;
  Shifter Plate / Fanatec Kit / Deluxe Kit

Pro Edition Dimensions

Length: 1395mm / 54.9 inches
Width: 675mm / 26.5 inches
Height: 720mm / 28.3 inches
Sim Feet adds 100mm (4.4 inches) to the height
and 90mm (3.35inches) to the width

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