Deluxe Side Shifter Mount

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The Deluxe Side Shifter Mount comes with a 23 in long aluminum profile to mount your shifter, hand break or anything else you wish.

The added value in the deluxe mount:

*all side mounts included black powder coated standard industry corner brackets.

2 x 180mm profiles to mount perpendicularly to the side mount, allowing for greater variety of mounting options.  4 corner brackets for mounting the 2 profiles.

2 x extra corner brackets to use as you see fit.

It is height adjustable and can be mounted vertically or horizontally. 

If you have any other needs at all for your side mount device, please let us now.  We are happy to custom configure or add anything that you might need.



1 x 23in (585mm) 45x90 profile

1 x 14in (360mm) 45x45 profile

10 x Corner Brackets, 18 x M8 18mm bolts, 18 x M8 T-nuts for mounting to cockpit

2 x 7in (180mm) 45x45 profile


1 year